How to Introduce Yourself - 5 Things to Do

First impressions are a big part of how people perceive us. And a proper introduction is what people will associate with us from that moment so knowing how to properly introduce ourselves is essential to building up professional and casual relationships.

It is necessary to project an accurate picture of yourself to them through your introduction so that the following conversation will go smoothly. Even though it sounds easy to talk about ourselves when the time comes it’s actually a nerve racking experience and oftentimes people get tongue tied.

There are a few thing we have to understand in order to introduce ourselves properly according to the situation we are facing and that is exactly what we are going to through in the next points

#01 Context is Key 

Context is an important thing to consider as different environments require a different way of introducing yourself. 

For example if it’s a professional introduction it’s important to state your name as well as your title at work. Don’t go long with your job title and try to convey what you do and experience in a sentence. 

If you are unemployed you can definitely use your qualifications instead of your job. In the case of an interview the interviewers already know what you are applying for so it’s better to summarize who you are and why you are there. 

It is also ok to elaborate on your accomplishments and experience as this can give the people you are talking to a sense of how sophisticated you are. 

An introduction is like a portrait so you have to decide how you want to paint yourselves in front of others so you have to decide what information you want to include in that portrait

#02 Control Your Body Language

Words and body language have an important part to play in your introduction. Proper words and bad body language and vice versa will not leave a good impression on others.

A firm handshake and eye contact is essential when introducing yourself to new people in a professional setting even if it’s just an introduction to your new co-worker.


Eye contact indicates that you are invested in the conversation so it’s pretty important throughout the conversation. When introducing yourself it is necessary to have a clear and audible voice as this shows confidence and during the conversation keep a relaxed body language. 

If you are seated for example in an interview its is important to get up to introduce yourself 

#03 Preparations Before an Introduction

We talked about how to introduce yourself but before all that we can prepare ourselves in certain situations. So the first thing you can plan out is your clothes. Certain situations require you to dress fancy and some just require you to go casual. 

The main thing you have to remember is that don’t wear casual clothes for an interview if it isn’t already obvious. Your choice of colors and accessories is what people will remember about from just sight alone.

Another important thing you can prepare beforehand is speeches and interviews. So before the scheduled event you can practice your speech in front of the mirror or plan out your answers to commonly asked interview questions.

This can help you with fluency and can reduce stutters which is a big red flag. 

#04 Research 

Researching beforehand will help you with reducing all the awkward silence from saying something inappropriate. You can also research about the culture inside of a company as most tech companies nowadays have a free spirited vibe to them. So knowing these can give you an edge when communicating.

#05 Practice Makes Perfect

As everything in life you are not going to be the best at the start but you can learn through your mistakes as you go. Another thing you can do is look at others introducing themselves and learn new things through that as well. Just remember that no matter what mistakes you make, learn through that and adapt your introductions for later.

These are just a few points you can use to make an upgrade to your introduction game which is especially useful in a professional setting. Even if you are an introvert you can just memorize an introduction applying the above points so you can introduce yourself without having a nervous breakdown. 

An introduction is going to be essential so it’s better to be prepared for that moment even if you don’t know when it is going to happen.