Author: Anam Nasar.

What Our Organs Teach Us

We all know we have different types of organs and their functions. So, have you ever thought about what these organs teach us? Sigh...! You all must be curious to know how.......Take a long deep breath and relax yourself and here we go.......

This is a list of 8 important parts of our body and what they teach us,

#01 BRAIN: The MasterMind with 100 billion nerves and trillions of connections called "Synapses''.

FACT: Brain is like muscle; ''It gets stronger when you embrace the challenges". So, get ready to face challenges because they too are temporary like this world. Nothing exists longer than your thoughts😊.

#02 HEART: It pumps blood and carries away waste.

FACT: Pump all your positive energy out and throw your stress away and take care of your heart  honey because it's the most prettiest and most important organ❤.

#03 LUNGS: Inhale and Exhale.

FACT: Inhale Self confidence which is as necessary as O2, and Exhale Doubting your worth which is as harmful as CO2🙌.

#04 STOMACH: It receives a lot of things from different parts, but it keeps what is only required.

FACT: ''Digest what is required, don't keep any shit". Happy stomach = Happy you😌.

#05 SMALL INTESTINE: It's about 18 feet or 6 meters. It has many folds and is longer than the large intestine.

FACT: ''Life is full of twists and turns". So, Keep hustling Never self doubt  yourself✨.

#06 LIVER + GALLBLADDER: Worthless without each other. In worst cases they may be separated but they are nothing without each other.

FACT: You + Your Happiness. No one gonna give you exact happiness as you needed💫.

#07 KIDNEY: It controls and concentrates your body balance.

FACT: Try to control your feelings, emotions when you are sad, and try to concentrate on yourself because no one gonna do that for you🌼.

#08 URETER: Keep flowing/Go with the flow😌✨.

This is my personal opinion and I feel that there is a lot more we can learn from our body parts. Do you also have some similar thoughts? Why not share them? Comment in the section below LOVE LOVE Folks💞.