14 Best Apps and Websites a Pharmacy Student Must Try

14 Best Apps and Websites for Pharmacy Students

As a Pharmacy professional or student it is always necessary to have a check on your knowledge, once in a while! And as you all know, checking knowledge and revising stuff is not that easy without proper sources.

Well, there are many sources to study, that too in this modern and digital world, you can reach anything with just the smartphone in your hand. Well, right now! Most of you might be reading this on your smartphone, I suppose. 

So keeping all these in mind many pharma giants and students themselves have come up with some user friendly and timely updated apps and websites for pharmacy students. But, as said, ‘delivering the proper content is as important as having the content!’ Thus we took a lot of time in search of the best apps and websites.

Here’s a rundown for…, 

Top 14 Apps and Websites for Pharmacy Students 

These are the apps and websites that we think are the best as a pharmacist to have. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

#01 Medscape

Medscape is an extensive reference application for medications. It allows the user to search for particular pharmaceutical drugs (with 8,000 brands), OTC medication, plant supplements and alternative medications.

It features an integrated Drug Interaction Checker to minimize moderate to serious interactions, and guarantees patient safety. It also provides information about more than 4,000 illnesses and clinical problems.

The app also includes the most recent regulations and procedures as well as medical news.

App: Medscape

#02 DrugBank

DrugBank's database is a large, publicly available and online database of drug- and drug-related information.

Detailed drug data (i.e. pharmacological, chemical and pharmaceutical) are combined by the drug bank with complete pharmaceutical information aimed at sequencing, structure and route. 

The public has access to this online portal as a free resource.  Nevertheless, the usage and dissemination of DrugBank Online material entirely or partly requires a licence for every purpose. Students can request for a free licence for certain use cases, but all other users must pay. 

We prefer using this especially while you are studying pharmacology.

Website: DrugBank 

#03 WebMD

A pharmacist should be familiar with health research and information on as many illnesses as he can. And WebMD allows you to learn about any condition and view videos, as well as you use the free symptom checker.

The best part is all this comes for free! This will come in handy while going through Pathophysiology.

Website: WebMD

#04 SlideShare

SlideShare is a Scribd-owned American hosting site for professional information such as presentations, infographics, papers, and videos. Files in PowerPoint, Word, PDF, or OpenDocument format can be uploaded publicly by users. 

The content may then be accessed on the website, on mobile devices, or can also be embedded on other websites.

And as students you can make use of the PPTs, Slides, PDFs, and many more sources available on SlideShare. This is just like a knowledge sharing platform.

Website: SlideShare

#05 Wikipedia

Wikipedia, I guess most of you already know what Wikipedia is, yes! It is a free encyclopedia. Wikipedia has always sorted out many doubts for us, and it is probably the best place to get free knowledge. 

As a pharmacy student you can always use this for understanding many terms used in the field of pharmacy.

Website: Wikipedia 

#06 Osmosis

Trusted by top universities and award winners, your education is well-balanced with Osmosis. As Johns Hopkins medical students, Ryan Haynes and Shiv Gaglani began creating this website. 

At first Osmosis was pretty famous as a YouTube channel, later they made some stuff like notes, pdfs, and other study materials available online. This made Osmosis a better place to study and learn medicine.

As a pharmacy student we suppose that you can make full use of the lectures and videos they provide, and improve your knowledge undoubtedly.

Website: Osmosis

#07 14impressions

14impressions is a website that can be your number one source for Health, Awareness, Pharma, Business and appreciably more. The team is always dedicated to providing you the very best of the internet, with an emphasis on Transforming & Educating people.

14impressions is more like a knowledge sharing platform, especially made for pharmacists. This offers a pharmacy student with articles, PPTs, PDFs, and many more related to every subject of pharmacy.

You can also share your content here, but this doesn’t work as SlideShare, or any such. To get your content published, you need to get in touch with the team and then they will take you  through the process.

14impressions also have a web based app for Android users.

Website: 14impressions  

#08 Indian Drug Index 

India Drug Index is an extensive resource for drug use allowed in India.

The app covers thoroughly more than 3,900 medication submissions, including the newly authorised FDA small molecules and more than 61,000 generic brands sold and prescribed throughout India.

This is personally the best Drug Index we have gone through in our study. You can also download the database and use it offline. 

App: Indian Drug Index

#09 WikiMed

This is what WikiMed has to say, 

With 75,000+ medical articles, WikiMed is the largest and most comprehensive collection of health-related articles available in English. It includes content on diseases, medications, anatomy, and sanitation from the famous Wikipedia free encyclopedia.

As an encyclopedic medical dictionary, WikiMed is perfect for practicing physicians, as well as medicine and other healthcare students.

This comes really handy for pharmacy students, that too especially for Pharm D students are they are always in need of therapies. 

App: WikiMed

#10 Explain Medicine

This is a medical article repository, serving as a rapid information resource for healthcare professionals and students.

At the time this article is written, Explain Medicine has around 700+ articles. The best part is all these can be accessed at free of cost. 

App: Explain Medicine 

#11 ThePharmacyStudy

The site owners claim that it is the best platform in India for Pharmacy Students which provides sufficient information with Books and Notes PDFs, with free access to download.  

Our team has gone through the website, and we also believe that they are truly working on what they claim.

Website: ThePharmacyStudy

#12 Pharmawiki.in

Pharmawiki.in is a website trying to provide information regarding Pharmacy Education in India. You can find aid for multiple topics or subjects or courses. 

Pharmawiki also offers course admissions and many more. Do pay a visit to know more about them. 

They even offer many articles and other information related to many exams like GPAT and NIPER. 

Website: Pharmawiki

#13 Pharmacon 

Pharmacon is a sophisticated platform that organises drug listings by principal effects, mechanisms, chemical nature, clinical applications, and/or other important features.

Medical/Pharm.D/Pharmacy students as well as practitioners will benefit from it. After the types or classification of drugs, everything relevant to a particular drug is mentioned separately.

App: Pharmacon

#14 Lexicomp

For pharmacy students, the LexiComp app is incredibly useful. It provides full medication information that is available when it is needed. For both paediatric and adult patients, includes drug administration information, potential interactions, possible adverse effects, and contraindications. 

Whether in the hospital or on the road, users may access more than 20 databases with up-to-date, in-depth information on medicines, natural products, interactions, medical calculations, and more.

App: Lexicomp

That ends our list of Best Apps and Websites for Pharmacy Students. Our readers have suggested some other websites and apps for the same, you can have a look in the comments section.

Wrapping Up

There are many apps and websites out there which are pretty useful to pharmacy students. We listed only these because it's time consuming to consider and discuss them all. 

We have given our time and sweat to create this list! And we hope as a budding pharmacist you will make use of the above listed apps and websites. 

Hope you enjoyed it…! If you think we have missed any top apps or websites, you can always tell us in the comments section below.


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Hamari college me subse jayada use kiye jane vala website he


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