5 Best Ways Google Helped Me

Google has dominated everyone's life in terms of easy access to everything from knowledge to starting a business. With Google's advanced features from Google assistant, Google calendar, Google arts and culture we all are able to easily manage our day to day lives. Let's discuss how Google helped me as a person.

#1 Increasing My Knowledge

From reading Wikipedia on Google to every essay it increased my knowledge in terms of vocabulary, writing styles, answers and much more. Before exams it was difficult for me to remember a pile of books, so I referred to short summaries and PDFs uploaded by various education platforms on Google. 

When writing poems, I sometimes have to add synonyms into the end for which I have to Google it and add. Reading blogs and articles of different persons improved my vocabulary of using words to a great extent. 

Not only the study part but also when I am confused in different aspects of life like how to deal with problems all at once etc, Google comes into count. I read a few blogs about the people who have already been through it, quotes or images, then thought practically after seeing their experiences.

#2 Staying Updated

I am a student. Staying updated with what's going on in the world is very important for me to perform well in my academics. I turned on notifications for Google, so it keeps updating me about the latest news and whether. I keep myself updated with the news so that later I can discuss it well with my fellow mates or teachers because having knowledge about current affairs is necessary to present your views in any discussion or debate.

I participated in debates for which I had to think of every possible answer I can give against, favoring what I choose. For that, I went through a number of FAQs on Google with their answers given below which gave me a hint on how I can answer every question with less time to think.

Time and weather are other important things one should know about every day. Before leaving for my college, I make sure to check whether it is necessary for me to carry an umbrella or not. 

#3 Exploring Ideas

Reading about people's experiences in their fields gave me an idea on to what extent I can succeed in a particular field. Many doctors, engineers, CEO's quotes and ideas motivated me in every part of my life. I love exploring biographies of great persons who changed the world through their ideas and creativity. 

Sometimes I also search what backup plans I can have in case I fail. Google provided a list of different career plans available in every field. Not only these, I also got to explore new strategies people use to score in competitive exams. 

To follow my hobbies, I came across Google arts and culture site where there are a number of best art pieces from different parts of the world. I get inspired from them daily, then improve myself in that particular field.

#4 Proper Schedule

Maintaining a schedule nowadays is an effective task as we are habituated to sitting in one place the whole day and completing our tasks. I realized that even after writing down my tasks which I have to complete by the end of the day, I get distracted in the middle the moment I take my phone in hand.

Since then, I started using Google calendar where I schedule all the tasks I have to complete in a week so that it keeps me sending reminders.

#5 Extra Research

After searching for a specific topic in Google, when I came across FAQs, I got to explore more about the things I searched for with new keywords. I read all the FAQs mentioned there which are related to my study. 

I get to visualize things which are not mentioned in textbooks or readers. It sometimes prints in my mind that when I write exams it becomes pretty easy for me to crack it.

Now when there are some theoretical concepts, I prefer to watch documentaries or videos to visualize the content.


These were a few ways I mentioned in which Google helped me in every aspect of life. Almost everyone is dependent on Google nowadays from grasping knowledge to visualizing things. Let's accept the fact that Google made everyone's life easier to manage and we improved better.