The time when you are left with no option but to face your arch enemy is inevitable. Everybody has to do this at least once a year. What I am talking about here are exams.

It doesn’t matter whether you have studied whole year or not, the stress of exams on your head bites everyone, unless you are a super student.

No, I’m not saying that you were fooling around the whole year and now you have no idea what, where of syllabus. In this blog I’m concerned about the how of the syllabus. Assuming you are an average student, just like me, here I am writing 5 steps to strategize your study to deal with the coming exam. Here, I am assuming that you have all your notes ready and you are at the very least familiar with the topics.

Gather all resources

Though you have all the notes and study material, they are more probably unorganized. Since there is no time to make organized notes from scratch, there is no need to do this as it will be a very fruitless exercise. What you, rather, must be doing is to make a list of the subjects first. Then break down the subjects in the topics, the smaller the better. The division might be based on index in the book or on your own understanding of the subjects. In words of John Somenz, “If you can’t break it down, you don’t really understand it.” This will not only help you get broad understanding of the subject but also assist in making further strategy.

Make a rough plan

Rough ? Huh ! yes, exactly, a rough plan is what you need right now. Trust me. If you try to make some strict time table, it is bound to fail. That’s why a rough sketch of plan is what you need right now.  It must go like – this subject then that along with the third and then I will do the fourth. That’s all you need. After it’s done and since you already have all the resources, you will very easily identify the weak and strong areas by using the index made by you in step 1. Mix them and finish them in attack mode.

Read, Revise, Emend

The third step to read it, attempt the tests or practice questions, then emend your resources. Believe me, the resources that you have are not perfect. Neither they were supposed to be, it is only after you have given a honest study to it, they can be altered to be made perfect. Practice questions, widely available in market now a days and notes of your friends are going to help you in this. The key here is to revise and correct. If you leave it unaddressed after reading or procrastinate the amendment part, everything that you have done will have no meaning.

Use of proven study techniques

There are a number of time tested techniques that may be useful for you. Though you are already aware of them, I’m listing down some of them here  again for you:

1. Use mind maps.

2. Flash cards.

3. Teach others.

4. Read out loud.

5. Write about it.

6. Make group study plan.



Time management

this is the most important of all. You have already wasted your time in TV shows, games, partying and all such activities. It is high time you became serious. The movement of now or never has come. You can no longer afford to waste your precious time. What I have discussed here are not the last words. These may work for you or maybe you have a better plan. But if you don’t have, then follow this one unless you achieve enlightenment and devise your own way of strategy. Which I am sure you will because I have faith in your creativity.

Always keep in mind – “a good leader put all his resources in war”.